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Helping Hands Barberton

Two varieties are being established on the property of one of the Founder Members.

  • The Moringa bush, used for harvesting the leaves, is an orchard of 140 000 scrubs???
  • The Moringa trees used for harvesting the seeds for the oil and other products is established on _________ (Farm Name) also owned by a Founder Member. This orchard will comprise of +/- ___ trees. This variety is imported from India and has stood the test of time. It takes +/- 36 months?? Before the seeds are harvested.

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The value chain of the Moringa products is:

  • Ground preparation and planting
  • Growth Phase (+/- __ months) for the Moringa scrubs and +/- 36 months? For the Moringa trees
    nurture & maintenance – ongoing
  • Harvest
  • Cleaning & washing
  • Drying
  • Selection for respective product lines
  • Packaging
  • Ordering, sales & logistical arrangements

Please Get Involved

We would love to have local residents and businesses involved in our fantastic project. Get in touch and we’ll discuss possibilities.

Meals served in 2020.

Number of communities we serve.


All profits towards hunger relief.






Moringa Medicinal Products

Harvesting from our own crop to supply the best quality products.

Family Abuse Intervention

Professional counselling in a safe environment.

Elderly Support

Honour your mother and your father.

Youth Outreach

Providing life skills training and other support systems.

Upliftment of the Destitute

Helping you to help yourself and your loved ones.

How You Can Help

Hunger Relief

By donating a small amount of dry goods or vegetables we can keep the kitchen running smoothly.


Join one of our teams on a soup kitchen run and experience the fun first hand!


A small monetary donation creates huge relief.  Support our moringa initiative and benefit from the health properties.


Through word of mouth our project grows exponentially.  Please spread the word amongst your friends.

425 Meals a Day Makes an Impact!

With 4 vehicles on the road we aim to cover the whole of Barberton/Umjindi and provide a hot meal to everyone who needs it.  We invite all locals to join us for a delicious plate, or to spread the word around.

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life


Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors