A bit of background

About Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a Non-Profit Company (NPO) registered according to the Laws of South Africa, registration No: 2020/436360/08.  Based in Barberton in the Mpumalanga Province (40 km south of the Provincial capital, Mbombela) the founder members are a group of Christian friends who are committed to reach out to those who are in need and not able to assist themselves.

The mission of Helping Hands can be best explained by using the anatomy of the hand:


The Palm of the Hand/Foundation of the Hand

Means that all the work executed by Helping Hands is to the Glory of God. We represent Him in the Barberton Community, and we wish to spread the Good News of Salvation and to spread His love in all we do.


The Thumb

The most versatile finger on the hand represents the Maringa Project and other revenue generating activities to be added to support the activities explained later. The Maringa Project has commenced, and the intention is to produce a range of medicinal products to provide our communities with organically grown plants in the form of capsules, creams, teas, lotions, and other offerings to be added. The 1st crop of 140 000 scrubs have already been planted to be harvested during March/April 2021. The land preparation for the planting of the Maringa Trees, for harvesting the seeds and for the oil products is underway and will be ready in 36 months.


The Index Finger

The most active (and also sometimes called the “accuser”, seeing it is used for pointing) represents a Centre for Abused Women and Children. Our communities suffer under a culture of physical and emotional violence – particularly against women and children. Our community stands accused for not properly caring for our women and children.  A facility to accommodate +/- ____ beds is planned where patients can be safely nurtured back to health, given time to recuperate and enabling them to get their lives back on track again. This centre will be managed in conjunction with the Provincial Department of Health.


The Middle Finger

The longest finger on the hand represents assistance to those who have lived the longest, those in their “Golden Years”, who are struggling to enjoy a healthy daily meal and with transport to receive medical treatment or do their shopping.  Standing arrangements are already in place with the Old Age Home in Barberton and we wish to expand on these services.


The Ring Finger

Represents the Youth Outreach – those children who have not experienced the love and care normally associated in married families.  We intend to provide life skills training and other support systems that will allow our youth a chance to carve out a healthy and productive life in a society that is corrupting our young people.


The Pinkie

Albeit the smallest on the hand, is to provide the destitute and struggling community members with a decent meal at regular intervals. Our communities have an unemployment rate of 45%, resulting in many people going to bed hungry and therefore opting for unacceptable ways to generate an income.


Our Mission, Goals, & Values


Food And Nutrition Programs

Through private sponsors and donations we manage to run a bi-weekly soup kitchen, servicing the whole Barberton/Umjindi area.  Our aim is to provide one nutritious meal per day to disadvantaged communities.

Moringa Project

Our moringa project is advantageous in providing an income, in order to supplement our funding for the mobile soup kitchens.  By supporting this initiative you are indirectly contributing to our great relief system.



The South African legislation prescribes that the NPO should appoint a Board of Directors which Helping Hands has already done. The following Directors have accepted their appointments:

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Laura Venter ID No:
Jaco van Rensburg ID No:
Karin van Rensburg ID No:
Marnus Von Wielligh ID No:
Von Wielligh ID No:
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