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Through sales of our Moringa health range we generate an income to sustain the feeding scheme, even in times when other resources are low.

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They say when in the African forest a traditional healer dies, an encyclopedia of secrets gets lost. It is common knowledge that people who know secrets are not very fond to share it with others because then they cannot longer enjoy the advantages of this knowledge.

Basically what counts for the African traditional healers also counts for pharmaceutical companies who analyze plants and trees to find magic power enabling them to protect with expensive patents. These companies as well as the cosmetic industry start to discover Moringa and some scientific institutions already started some thorough research on the medicinal effects of Moringa.

Alzheimer Disease

University of Calcutta: it can be concluded that Moringa Oleifera leaves may give protection against this devastating disease like Alzheimer’s.


Sreelatha, S. Padma, P. R.: The successive aqueous extract of Moringa Oleifera exhibited strong scavenging effect on 2, 2-diphenyl-2-picryl hydrazyl (DPPH) free radical, superoxide, nitric oxide radical and inhibition of lipid per oxidation.


College of Pharmacy, Ahmedabad: MORINGA Oleifera treatment demonstrates protection against acetylcholine-induced bronchoconstriction and airway inflammation and possesses an antiasthmatic property through modulation of the relationship between Th1/Th2 cytokine imbalances.


The aqueous extracts of soursop showed an antibacterial effect against S. aureus and V. cholerae, but the antibacterial activity by the ethanol extracts of this plant was not demonstrated.

Blood Platelets

The aqueous extract of Moringa oleifera leaves significantly (p Moringa oleifera leaves against human platelet aggregation. Overall, Moringa oleifera leaves have potential to protect platelets against aggregation.

Blood Pressure

University of Karachi: Isothiocyanate 4 and the thiocarbamate glycosides niaziminin A and B showed hypotensive activity


John Hopkins School of Medicine: we examined compounds [1] and [2] for their cancer preventive potential (39). Recently, [1] and the related compound [3] were shown to be potent inhibitors of phorbol ester (TPA)-induced Epstein-Barr virus early antigen activation in lymphoblastoid (Burkitt’s lymphoma) cells (57,104).

National University of Singapore: it indicates that M. oleifera leaf extracts has potential for cancer chemoprevention and can be claimed as a therapeutic target for cancer.

Encyclopedia of Natural Health Olypeptides: Uses of MO vary, but may include; Enhancing Immune Function, and Reducing Inflammation and are non-FDA reviewed or approved, natural alternatives, to use for Cancers, and Breast Cancer.


University of Kerala: MO was effective in preventing cataractogenesis in selenite model by enhancing the activities of antioxidant enzyme, reducing the intensity of lipid peroxidation, and inhibiting free radical generation.

Chelation Therapy

Richa, Gupta: It can thus be concluded from the present study that concomitant administration of M. oleifera seed powder with arsenic could significantly protect animals from oxidative stress and in reducing tissue arsenic concentration. Administration of M. oleifera seed powder thus could also be beneficial during chelation therapy with a thiol chelator.


Lrling, M. Beekman: This is the first study that yielded evidence for cyanobactericidal activity of filtrate from crushed Moringa seeds, suggesting that Moringa seed extracts might have a potential as an effect-oriented measure lessening cyanobacterial nuisance.


Faculty of Science, NUS, Singapore: We conclude that, under these experimental conditions, the leaf extracts effectively suppress CCl(4)-induced oxidative stress. Our findings provide evidence to demonstrate that the possible mechanism of this activity may be due to the strong antioxidant property of the leaves.


Jaiswal, D. Kumar Rai, P. Kumar, A. Mehta, S. Watal: The study validates scientifically the widely claimed use of M. oleifera as an ethnomedicine to treat diabetes mellitus.


Credit : Moringa Life
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